AGT is online on PancakeSwap now. AGT price rose as high as $0.36. Come and join the lucrative mining!

On October 28, Agalta Protocol’s ecological token AGT was successfully launched on PancakeSwap based on Binance. AgSwap, the first cross-chain decentralized liquidity exchange under its ecology, launched on BSC chain simultaneously. Up to now, AGT’s highest price rose as high as $0.3643, more than 176% from the opening price of $0.13. AgSwap single currency pledge APY is stable at around 1280%. The project is now jointly supported and promoted by more than 20 communities and many mainstream media in the industry around the world with the heat surging all the way up!

The increase in the price and popularity cannot be achieved without the affirmation of the intrinsic value of AGT from broad user groups and communities on Pancake Swap. From a user perspective, AGT holders can take advantage of the low cost and liquidity of BSC chain to enjoy a more user-friendly experience. From a platform perspective, BSC chain has a strong influence in both domestic and overseas markets, deployment to which will popularize products to more audiences and allow more users to participate. You will also have access to more DeFi resources on BSC to help AGT further expand its application scenarios

Agalta Protocol has established strategic investments and partnerships with a number of well-known institutions, including Aves Lair Accelerator, LSC, JD Capital, IT.Capital, 1001 Capital, ZY Capital, FF Capital, EmoCapital, Cyber Capital, etc. Moreover, it is supported by a number of well-known media, including Golden Finance, Mars Finance, Future Finance, Qiankrypton Finance, etc. The participation of the above investment institutions and media strategic partners has laid a solid foundation for the initial construction of Agalta Protocol ecology, greatly affirming the value of AGT.

Peter Wilson, CTO of Agalta Procotol, said that AGT online on PancakeSwap is the first step of its multi-chain deployment. AgSwap is the most important link in the basic application of Agalta Procotol decentralized cross-chain protocol. In the later stage, Agalta Procotol will make full use of its cross-chain advantages to connect BSC, HECO, Ethereum and other mainstream public chain ecosystems, transfer liquidity to various DeFi applications and financial services, continuously expand the ecological value of AGT, create a larger application matrix, and further expand the consensus of AGT. Let more people enjoy the benefits of Agalta Protocol’s ecological development.

Agalta Protocol is a high-speed, secure, and credible decentralized cross-chain protocol. Telegram:

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Agalta Protocol is a high-speed, secure, and credible decentralized cross-chain protocol. Telegram: