AgSwap is about to launch several LPs, officially starting the “Farming era”

On November 12, AgSwap officially announced the opening of LP mining pool, including AGT-BNB, AGT-BUSD, AGT-USDT, etc. The total number of AGT awards is 1 million, and the reward multiple is expected to be one to ten times. At the appointed time, users who hold the above LPs and single stake users can go to the mining area to stake and mine AGT.

AgSwap is a brand-new DEX based on BSC ecological chain, and also the most important link in the basic application of Agalta Protocol. It is committed to connecting the mainstream public chain ecology such as BSC, HECO and Ethereum with cross-chain advantages to provide more financial services, delivering liquidity to DeFi applications to energize market development.

The upcoming launch of multiple LP mining pools at AgSwap will help bring better liquidity to AgSwap, leading to a better trading experience (e.g. lower slippage points) and more rewards for liquidity providers (LP). All users involved in mining can enjoy the dividend of decentralized finance and AgSwap ecological development, laying a solid foundation for the construction of sustainable high-quality community.

Currently, AgSwap is still in the initial mining period. Since the launch on BSC chain and the opening of AGT stake, AGT single stake APY has always been stable at more than 1000%. For the upcoming launch of multiple LPs, the highest APY is expected to reach more than 10000%.