Agalta Protocol’s first round of pre-sales will start, the prospects for the ecological token AGT are promising

4 min readAug 3, 2021


Agalta Protocol is a high-speed, secure and credible decentralized cross-chain protocol. It is the first layer-2 expansion protocol that supports Ethereum. Its ecological token AGT will officially open its first round of pre-sales worldwide on August 6. 75% of the funds raised in the first round will be used for the development and expansion of the Agalta protocol platform; 15% will be used for legal expenses related to laws and regulations and related public propaganda expenses; 10% will be used for community services.

This pre-sale is one of the important layouts made by Agalta Protocol to create a new decentralized cross-chain protocol. Top capital institutions and individuals also have the opportunity to participate in the development process of Agalta Protocol. And long before the pre-sale, the global attention “AGT Pre-sale Plan” has spread like wildfire in the field of international investment, and the industry has received enthusiastic responses. Agalta protocol, a centralized cross-chain protocol, has also been put under the spotlight of the industry.

1. Break the Layer 2 isolated island, the ambition of Agalta Protocol
Agalta Protocol is a brand-new, high-speed, safe, and credible decentralized cross-chain protocol, and is the first batch of layer-2 expansion protocols that support Ethereum. It can efficiently solve the two core problems of Ethereum congestion and high gas fees. Expanding the scale of the Internet to existing and future blockchains through side chain expansion technology will help developers quickly build Dapp applications and carry out large-scale commercial applications.

Agalta Protocol aims to focus on the construction of the public chain Layer-2 cross-chain DeFi ecosystem, and will launch the multi-chain cross-chain research and development plan as planned, and gradually open the Binance Smart Chain, Huobi Eco-Chain, Polkadot Main Chain, OKT, etc. The Layer-2 high-speed cross-chain network of a public chain, gradually opening up enterprise development kits, and supporting DeFi projects and products on the One-click Fork Ethereum, will eventually become the cornerstone of the global public chain DeFi ecosystem.

2. Cutting-edge technology, a strong promoter of Layer 2 ecological development
The original cross-chain architecture adopted by agalta Protocol makes agalta more in line with the commercial requirements of Layer 2 Chain network composition. The original cross-chain architecture adopted by agalta Protocol makes agalta more in line with the commercial requirements of Layer 2 chain networkcomposition.

• Aga-adapter:Application chain adapter, which is responsible for monitoring ETH Layer-1 main chain event information, and transmits the information to the Aga-Hub gateway through the ACCP cross-chain communication protocol.

• Aga-Hub:The cross-chain gateway is responsible for providing communication routing and other functions for Layer-1 and Agalta relay chains according to the ACCP communication standard.

• ACCP:Agalta Cross-chain protocol refers to the Agalta cross-chain communication protocol. Agalta Protocol Association

All cross-chain communication interactions under the discussion adopt the ACCP standard.

• Agalta chain:Agalta relays the cross-chain network, as the Layer-2 layer to carry all transactions and clearing and settlement. It has the characteristics of ultra-high TPS (theoretical 140,000+), 0 Gas fee, and low latency.

3.Deeply plowing the Layer 2 track, Agalta Protocol stands out from the crowd

Agalta Protocol uses the underlying technology of the AgaltaAPI framework to support ETH and the ERC20 tokens on it to quickly recharge to the Agalta chain, and supports the exchange transactions of the latest AMM model, so that all exchanges are completed on Layer-2, which reduces user transaction costs. At the same time, the user’s overall trading experience is guaranteed. Compared with traditional DEX, DEX products using Agalta Protocol have the following advantages:

• Decentralized network:Efficient, secure, and credible decentralized cross-chain network, the first batch of layer-2 expansion protocols that support Ethereum, with scalability and robustness advantages.

• Cross-chain anchoring:AGT provides a two-way anchored Aga-adapter for ETH and other ERC20 tokens to transfer them to the Agalta chain, and provide an EVM-compatible execution environment for DeFi applications.

• AMM Model:The newly optimized AMM model uses the pricing algorithm in the smart contract to price assets automatically, and creates a liquidity pool for each transaction token. The AMM pool provides liquidity for asset transactions in an automated manner.

• Ultra-high TPS:Based on the high-performance cross-chain network of the AgaltaAPI framework, the theoretical TPS performance is as high as 140,000+, far exceeding the existing blockchain transaction performance.

• 0 Gas fee:Based on the unique layer-2 structure, the Agalta chain can avoid network congestion and the high gas cost. The 0 gas fee allows users to trade freely without worrying about high transaction fees or network delays.

•Real-time transactions: All transactions are migrated to Layer-2. Users no longer need to wait for the confirmation time of a block, and real-time transactions can be realized.

• Privacy and security: Based on the advantages of the distributed structure of the blockchain, anonymity and non-tampering of data, the data of users participating in transactions can be fully privacy protected, and personal data leakage and data loss can be avoided.

Agalta Protocol will continue to deepen the Layer 2 track, and work with more outstanding Layer 2 pioneers to contribute to the Layer 2 ecosystem, promote the prosperity of the Ethereum ecosystem, and jointly solve the current high gas fees/low TPS/ TPS faced by the DeFi field. The inability to expand and other factors that restrict the outbreak of the blockchain industry, and strive to build a better ecosystem, I believe that AGT, as a token in the Agalta Protocol ecosystem, will also burst into unlimited potential with the development of Agalta Protocol.




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