Agalta Protocol Weekly

1 min readMay 28, 2021

May, 2021, the 4th week

A high performance cross-chain protocol that supports multi-chain ecology


· Set up Agalta Protocol internationalized branding/PR team.

· Community volunteers recruitment.

· Developer community preparation


· Agalta wallet test net in service. Assets deposit, transfer and withdrawal for 9 comon ERC20 tokens available.

· Launched Agalta test net browser and Faucet,the test net entered the overall open Beta test Phase.

· Swap applications based on AMM model are under test, stay tuned.

Media Marketing:

· More than 500 overseas traditional and blockchain media have reported on Agalta Protocol continuously.

· Opened Agalta Protocol column in multiple forums and portals from home and abroad, including WeiBo, LainWen, Coinvoice, GoldenFinance, NiShiJie, ZhiHu, BiHu, JianShu etc, posted our updates on a daily basis.


· 5–6 overseas investment institutions have shown strong interest in Agalta Protocol, we are in close contact with them.

· Communicated with multiple foreign and domestic miners group and organizations, processed discussions with them on mining models


· At the invitation of Cabinvc, Louis Liao, CEO of Agalta Protocol, will attend the HangZhou Blockchain Industry Influence Summit on 2 nd, June.





Agalta Protocol is a high-speed, secure, and credible decentralized cross-chain protocol. Telegram: