Agalta Protocol Weekly

2 min readJun 25, 2021


The 4th week of June, 2021

A high performance cross-chain protocol that supports multi-chain ecology.


· Set up Agalta Protocol internationalized branding/PR team.

· The community volunteers group has been organized and put into community maintenance work, the group received positive feedback.


· Multi language versions are available for agWallet test net, browser, faucet, development documentation etc.

· agWallet will support the mobile UvToken wallet, as well as other general wallets like imToken and TokenPocket.

· Confirmed Agalta mining model preliminarily, will update continuously after adjustment.

Media marketing:

· Agalta Protocol reached cooperation with a number of Chinese communities, the CEO carried out online AMA activity in partner Chinese communities.

· Successfully held online AMA in overseas communities and got many seed users. We also communicated with multiple institutional investors, carried out offline roadshows.

· Posted our updates regularly on multiple forums and portals from home and abroad, such as, LainWen, Coinvoice, GoldenFinance, BiShiJie, ZhiHu, BiHu, JianShu etc.

· We have been keeping in touch with community users and offering them instructions on Agwallet, so that every user is familiar with the operations.


· Agalta Protocol has received strategic investment from multiple community capitals , as well as overall assistance in marketing, operation and branding.


· The tam has confirmed details of the first round airdrop with users so that each participant’s airdrop has been issued.

· Agalta Protocol faucet test is under the last technical adjustment, it will be available soon.




Agalta Protocol is a high-speed, secure, and credible decentralized cross-chain protocol. Telegram: