Agalta Protocol Weekly

2 min readJul 30, 2021


The fifth week of July , 2021

A high performance cross-chain protocol that supports multi-chain ecology


· Built up Agalta Protocol internationalized branding/PR team.

· Finished the recruitment of our front-end R&D team members, thus made Agalta Protocol’s R&D team integrated and in its best working state.


· UvToken has been supported on the agWallet mobile terminal, and users can deposit, transfer and withdraw through mobile terminal.

· The pre-sale system test on the Agalta official website has been completed and will be officially released soon.

Media marketing:

· Posted our updates regularly on multiple forums and portals from home and abroad, such as, LainWen, Coinvoice, GoldenFinance, BiShiJie, ZhiHu, BiHu, JianShu etc.

· Some well-known overseas media has been promoting our new articles continuously and clicks amount of the articles has reached thousands. Posting fine content will be the main method to spread Agalta Protocol.

· Made some adjustments to activity plans in Telegram and Wechat communities, we will update more details soon.


· Hold a meeting on overseas fund-raising structure and assigned works to related personnel.

· Communicated with IDO platform from Singapore and hold online meetings with its core members to discuss cooperation issues

· Will initiate the seed round IDO.


· Louis Liao, the CEO of Agalta Protocol, participated in the blockchain conference held by Babbitt in Hangzhou, reached consensus on cooperation with a number of well-known projects and investors.

· The second Agalta Protocol community activity has entered the countdown phase. Stay tuned.




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