Agalta Protocol Weekly

2 min readJul 9, 2021

The second week of July, 2021

A high performance cross-chain protocol that supports multi-chain ecology.

Team :

● Set up Agalta Protocol internationalized branding/PR team.

● Agalta Protocol has introduced some talents in technical and financial risk control area, and continued to build up an international team.


● UvToken is supported on the agWallet mobile terminal. The test has been completed. Official launch will be in this week.

● The agWallet mobile terminal is available in multi-languages , relevant development tutorials and other documents have been adjusted.

● Released the mobile browser , and Agalta Scan is available in multi-languages.

Media marketing:

● Overseas market operations are progressing in an orderly manner, Agalta Protocol will be invited to participate in online interviews with a number of well-known overseas media in the near future.

● Communicated with multiple overseas communities, signed FA agreements with them.

● Posted our updates regularly on multiple forums and portals from home and abroad, such as, LainWen, Coinvoice, GoldenFinance, BiShiJie, ZhiHu, BiHu, JianShu etc.


● Agalta Protocol was empowered by a number of community capitals, we finalized the cooperation framework and signed agreements with them.


● The team has confirmed with the online AMA winning users in overseas communities on event rewards to make sure that all rewards were issued accurately.

● Made activity plans for different communities at home and abroad accordingly, will start the activities next week.




Agalta Protocol is a high-speed, secure, and credible decentralized cross-chain protocol. Telegram: