Agalta Protocol Early Adopter Program!

1 min readSep 4, 2021


Since our last airdrop program, a lot of you had been asking if there would be more opportunities to qualify for future $AGT drops. Thus, we are thrilled to announce our first edition of the early adopter program! And yes, there are more opportunities coming up soon to get your hands on future $AGT such as our ambassador program. So stay tuned!

Provide us with some sweet comment on our discord. Don’t forget to tag your friends & tweet! to qualify. And win AGT rewards in the near future!

Here’s what you got to do:

  • Step 1: Follow
  • Step 2: Retweet & like this tweet & tag 3 your crypto friends & add the hashtag ‘#Limited edition AGT NFT Drop,#AGT & NFT ’
  • Step 3: Join our discord:
  • Step 4: Share your retweet link on Discord channel #🎁-event ,after our admin check,you will be given a member role to see a private channel,we will drop our NFT on this private channel.

Drop Info:

👼Angel NFT 150 Intotal

😈Demon NFT 300 Intotal

🤭Human NFT 500 Intotal

All these NFT will randomly drop in #private channel!


6,Sept~14,Sept 2021

And voila! You will qualify to be a early adopter!




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