Agalta has received a $3 million strategic investment from Cyber Capital to focus on cross-chain development.

2 min readOct 12, 2021

Agalta Protocol, the world’s leading decentralized cross-chain protocol, has announced a $3 million strategic investment from Cyber Capital.

The two parties will follow the vision of “let value flow”, giving full play to their respective advantages, conducting in-depth cooperation in information exchange, user traffic, digital asset management, application collaboration and other aspects, jointly boosting the transfer of business value between blockchain and effectively promoting the development of cross chain field.

Cyber Capital, a fund management company based in Amsterdam, hopes to change the world through blockchain projects. The company specializes in cryptocurrency investments and actively manages a diversified portfolio of over 50 different types of digital assets. Cyber Capital thoroughly analyzes fundamentals of these digital assets and invests in cryptocurrencies that offer utility to users and have a value proposition.

In addition, the strategic cooperation between Agalta Protocol and Cyber Capital is not so simple as a strong alliance, but also of far-reaching significance.

Agalta Protocol is one of the first Layer2 extension protocols to support Ethereum, which can effectively solve the two core problems of Ethereum congestion and high Gas charges. It scales the Internet to existing and future blockchains through side-chain extension technology, enabling developers to quickly build Dapp applications and scale them up in large-scale commercial applications.

Digital assets managed by Cyber Capital can leverage Agalta’s cross-chain technology and validate Agalta’s technology capabilities. The cross-chain technology and solutions will continue to improve, helping to accelerate product upgrades and improve user experiences while laying a solid technical and scenario foundation for future large-scale commercialization.

At present, Agalta Protocol and Cyber Capital have entered into the ecological connection. It is believed that the powerful force unleashed by joint efforts will surely achieve a win-win situation in the blockchain era. Both sides can enrich their respective ecosystems and open a new era of “ten thousand chain interconnection”!




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