A new feature,Launchpad,has been added on AgSwap, which supports the first AECOs pre-sale.

Recently, a new feature, Launchpad, has been announced by AgSwap-the first decentralized cross-chain liquidity exchange based on Agalta Protocol ecosystem, which supports the pre-sale of ARTHUR-EX token AECO, the underlying system of the decentralized cross-chain digital asset trading platform.

AgSwap’s new Launchpad feature will help blockchain projects raise funds and increase their presence in the crypto market. To this end, AgSwap will make project tokens available through Launchpad to hundreds of thousands of Agalta Protocol and AgSwap users, expanding the market for both ecosystems.

Before launching this new feature, a strict evaluation process is needed to ensure that the project meets the launch criteria, including whether it has entered a mature development stage; whether there are certain application scenarios; whether it is a committed and strong team. The key to launching Launchpad is whether it has the potential to boost the crypto ecosystem.

As for the first AECO tokens supported by AgSwap Launchpad, AgSwap has passed the strict screening of the above requirements. ARTHUR-EX is a high-speed, secure and reliable underlying system of decentralized cross-chain platform and a one-stop solution for digital asset trading. Through its proprietary high-performance cross-chain trading protocol Arthur-Swap, it supports more than 20 public chains such as BTC, TAF and ETH, and supports fast exchange of on-chain tokens. A new generation of trading platforms adopting peer-to-peer technology are more transparent in operation, security, settlement and fees than the current centralized digital asset trading model. Arthur-ex is committed to creating the underlying system of a new generation of innovative digital asset trading platform, leading the decentralized exchange into a new stage of development.

Launchpad is currently available on the beta network. If the beta network goes well, Launchpad will quickly roll out to the mainnet, where the community will be able to experience Launchpad and participate in AECO’s pre-Sale. Launchpad also allow users to have more opportunities to participate in projects that could change the landscape of the industry.

AgSwap aims to make full use of cross-chain advantages to connect major public chain ecosystems and deliver liquidity to various DeFi applications and financial services. Launching Launchpad will be another strategic move for AgSwap. Its technological and R&D team will continue to improve Launchpad functionality to make it more convenient for the community.

Agalta Protocol is a high-speed, secure, and credible decentralized cross-chain protocol. Telegram: https://t.me/Agalta